The Maybe type can help with simple functions that may fail, but it does not tell you why it failed. Imagine if a compiler just said Nothing if anything was wrong with your program. Good luck figuring out what went wrong!

This is where the Result type becomes helpful. It is defined like this:

type Result error value
  = Ok value
  | Err error

The point of this type is to give additional information when things go wrong. It is really helpful for error reporting and error recovery!

Error Reporting

Perhaps we have a website where people input their age. We could check that the age is reasonable with a function like this:

isReasonableAge : String -> Result String Int
isReasonableAge input =
  case String.toInt input of
    Nothing ->
      Err "That is not a number!"

    Just age ->
      if age < 0 then
        Err "Please try again after you are born."

      else if age > 135 then
        Err "Are you some kind of turtle?"

        Ok age

-- isReasonableAge "abc" == Err ...
-- isReasonableAge "-13" == Err ...
-- isReasonableAge "24"  == Ok 24
-- isReasonableAge "150" == Err ...

Not only can we check the age, but we can also show people error messages depending on the particulars of their input. This kind of feedback is much better than Nothing!

Error Recovery

The Result type can also help you recover from errors. One place you see this is when making HTTP requests. Say we want to show the full text of Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Our HTTP request results in a Result Error String to capture the fact that the request may succeed with the full text, or it may fail in a bunch of different ways:

type Error
  = BadUrl String
  | Timeout
  | NetworkError
  | BadStatus Int
  | BadBody String

-- Ok "All happy ..." : Result Error String
-- Err Timeout        : Result Error String
-- Err NetworkError   : Result Error String

From there we can show nicer error messages as we discussed before, but we can also try to recover from the failure! If we see a Timeout it may work to wait a little while and try again. Whereas if we see a BadStatus 404 then there is no point in trying again.

The next chapter shows how to actually make HTTP requests, so we will run into the Result and Error types again very soon!

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