Scaling The Elm Architecture

If you are coming from JavaScript, you are probably wondering “where are my reusable components?” and “how do I do parent-child communication between them?” A great deal of time and effort is spent on these questions in JavaScript, but it just works different in Elm. We do not think in terms of reusable components. Instead, we focus on reusable functions. It is a functional language after all!

So this chapter will go through a few examples that show how we create reusable views by breaking out helper functions to display our data. We will also learn about Elm’s module system which helps you break your code into multiple files and hide implementation details. These are the core tools and techniques of building large app with Elm.

In the end, I think we end up with something far more flexible and reliable than “reusable components” and there is no real trick. We will just be using the fundamental tools of functional programming!

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